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Unhappy Shader program fails to compile on Linux with drivers 195.36.24

I'm starting to write an opengl program on Linux (Ubuntu 10.06).

I've used lots of the OpenGL 2.x calls without problems, but I've just bought edition 5 of the superbible to learn about OpenGL 3 capabilities, and when I try and run the Cubemap program from chapter 7, it fails with
The shader at Reflection.vp failed to compile with the following error:
0(5) : error C0201: unsupported version 330
0(8) : warning C7532: global type vec4 requires "#version 100" or later
0(9) : warning C7532: global type vec3 requires "#version 100" or later
0(11) : warning C7532: global type mat4 requires "#version 100" or later
0(13) : warning C7532: global type mat3 requires "#version 100" or later
0(17) : warning C7022: unrecognized profile specifier "smooth"
0(17) : error C0502: syntax error at token "smooth"
0(17) : error C5060: out can't be used with non-varying vVaryingTexCoord
0(26) : warning C7532: global function normalize requires "#version 100" or later
0(30) : warning C7532: global function reflect requires "#version 100" or later
0(35) : warning C7532: global variable gl_Position requires "#version 100" or later
Anyone know how to fix this?

(the earlier demos (that don't use shaders) work fine.

The software comes from the zip archive at
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