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Here is what I tell customers when they ask me "LCD or Plasma?" You can tell nothing by specifications. There is no standard to measure lumens, black level, contrast...ect. All manufactures use their own set of standards. In bight or direct light a plasma will reflect (like a mirror, & just like a tube TV that we all used forever) the light and you will see whatever is in front of the TV. However a plasma will not washout like and LCD in direct light. A plasma in general looks more natural than an LCD.

You MUST go out an look at the TV's to see what you like. Preferably not at the big box stores. They have no clue how to setup and adjust these things and generally have no clue what they are talking about. A small custom shop is a far better place to get knowledge and a better understanding & they usually have the TV's adjusted better than the big box stores.

Look at peoples skin tone when shopping. On a bad TV or one that is not setup well the skin can look odd. You look at people all day so you have a good idea what it should look like.
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