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Default 8.1-STABLE, 7300GS, 256.53 Hang on X startup

I've been testing each successive driver release hoping that the hang on startup issues I've been experiencing would be resolved. My system is is an ASUS P5BVE-SAS with a Core2Quad Q6600, 4GB of ram, and a GeForce 7300GS.

After trying all of the suggestions I've seen in the forums (disable memory remapping, disable mttr setup, force drivers to use MSIs), I've finally found that the system will run if I disable SMP. I've used this non-SMP configuration to send a bug report through the proper channels.

Is there anything else I can do to trace the driver startup and attempt to narrow down the cause of this failure? So far, I've been unable to get any useful data on either a serial console or in the log files. It seems the hang occurs before output to either can happen.

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