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Post Biostar GeForce 210 and newer drivers?

I've for a while been using a Biostar TForce560 with a Biostar V8402GL26 as a MCPC box. It works fine under WinXP MCE2005, but recently I've upgraded to Win7 and it's as slow as hell on MCE. So I decided to upgrade to a VN2102NH56. It works fine under Win7, but only on drivers lower than 197.45. Anything newer (say, the 256 series driver) for some reason does not work.

The 256 and 260 series driver pages states that the both the G210 and 210 are supported and yet I'm not having any luck with this card.

I've noticed some perculiarities with the card. The card's firmware identifies it as a GeForce G210. However the card carries an ID of 0a65, which according to NVidia, is the ID of the 210, not the G210. Biostar themselves can't seem to make up their mind on whether the card is a G210 or a 210 either- they have it listed under G210, but on the specification page for the card, they say that it's a 210.

Anyone know what I can do? Can I somehow extract the card's firmware, correct the ID (according to the inf, the G210's ID is 0a60), and write it back? Or if I can get the correct firmware for the card (210 and not G210) and update it?

Please help.
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