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Post GeForce 7300 LE w/Kubuntu 10.04/10.10 : My personal nightmare

Hiya everyone, I'm new here, so have a bit of pity please. (ps i love the banana smiley, kudos to whoever added it. xD)

Anyway to get down to business...

I have been sitting at this computer screen for the rough majority of the last 4 days. its 11:00PM now, and my poor brain is telling me, 'sleep, sleep! must have sleeeep...' but unfortunately the situation is fairly urgent... if I don't get the graphics working for Dad soon, he's going to have to quit using linux for 'lack of stability'!!! That means going back to *shudders* that 'other' os. He does stock investing and all that, so he has to have a stable computer to get a good income, and he's been using Kubuntu Linux for quite a time now (with quite a few problems, which we've tolerated and worked around/gone without things..) but now suddenly some major graphics issues start to emerge...

I'm pretty good with Linux, been using it several years, and i use the console more often then the GUI. but of course, the eyecandy can get addicting, (huge compiz fan here) and whilst showing my dad the many pros about working with Linux, I installed compiz to give him extra desktops and all the functionality/aesthetics pizazz. At the original install (9.04 I believe, upgraded to 10.04 right away) I used the Hardware drivers (or jockey-kde) to install the latest nvidia proprietary drivers, and all worked well, except for a few glitches in compiz where windows would suddenly minimize, or plasma-desktop would crash occasionaly (plasma-desktop is the desktop manager that draws the widgets/panels etc)
to make a long story short, new issues started coming up, new small glitches, etc and finally it was so irritating that i started troubleshooting the process. well, you know how it goes... you start messing with config files, and your screen dies. the dreaded message of 'screens found, but none have a usable configuration' and other ominous threats began issuing from the console at each startup. I did my best to fix them as they were reported, but there was allways another error in the wake of one i had busted.

Well, I eventually started trying other drivers. I got nouveau working to the point that i had two monitors that either were twinview style or exact copies of eachother, i can't remember. i learned that it would be quite a job, and it was a 50/50 chance anyway, to get 3d acceleration working (needed for compiz, which Dad had gotten used to, so i wanted to work)so I tried yet another driver, the standard 'nv' one, with limited to no success. In dispair, (and lack of sleep) I decided to try the proprietary drivers again. using countless tutorials, i tried various methods of installing, i first used the one off the nvidia site (the .run file) which i could get picture with, but no sound or desktop effects/video playback. so i removed the *.run version and tried the ones from the kubuntu repos, (all three versions, starting with a clean slate each time (well, as clean as i knew how to get it anyway) but no picture at all, just the warning that 'failed to load the nvidia kernel module' and a 'modprobe nvidia' returns something like 'FATAL: Module nvidia not found.' i have all the relevant packages for the current nvidia driver installed, and 'linux-firmware' (i forgot to mention, i upgraded to Maverick Meerkat (10.10) last night to see if it would help) (it's the replacement for 'linux-restricted-modules*kernel version here*') is also installed.

I would really, really appreciate some help. my xorg.conf is as configured by nvidia-xconfig, no changes.

PS: Dad needs the system running before 8:30 tomorrow morning- that's when the market opens and he needs to work. please don't make me have to bump this thread... it's pretty urgent (to me anyway) and i'm so tired.. I have to get up early tomorrow anyway.

So long guys, and thanks!

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