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Default Re: GeForce 7300 LE w/Kubuntu 10.04/10.10 : My personal nightmare

thanks for the input artem, unfotunately I've done so much to get Kubuntu working already (setting up tv card, (a real pain), getting wine set up with multiple software such as scottrade, plus installing about a million other packages as we've needed them) and it would be a major operation to get it set up again. I've already thought about it, trust me. I still think it's possible to get this working as it is, though- i've only messed with the xorg.conf and /etc/modprobe.d, and i can give any information you need, such as what nvidia-related packages are installed, what's in the configuration files, log files etc. I doubt reinstalling would take less than two days, so i'm avoiding it as a last resort. I would really appreciate some help trying to fix the drivers as they are, (dad already calls me Magnum R.I.(reinstaller, instead of private investigater like to original) so thanks in advance (and thanks again artem, the input at least let me know i'm not alone)

I'll be uploading a lot of system stats in a bit, they should help show where the problem lies.


EDIT: just noticed what you said about the nvidia config file, do you mean the xorg.conf is not needed? if this is the case, do i just put the '20-nvidia-conf' in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d directory?
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