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Default Re: Unimpressed with EVGA GTX 465 SC

Well, just upgraded to

i7 930 (running @ stock for now)
Asus Rampage III Formula
Mushkin 2x3 PC1600 CL6
Proimatech Megahalems Rev. B

I did a fresh install of win 7 64, left bios on default, updated to WHQL 260.89 drivers and booted up SC2 and really don't see much of a difference from last computer. I do have settings maxed and res set to 1920x1280 and get drops in the 15s and 20s during pretty moderate action sequences. I wish there were a standard benchmark for SC2 to do a proper comparison. Either way, I am a little disappointed in the "perceived" difference with my new system and the GTX 465 compared to my old 8800GTX and C2D.

Anyone notice a difference with HT off? I am planning on overclocking this to hopefully around 4ghz. Maybe that will help?
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