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Default Re: GeForce 7300 LE w/Kubuntu 10.04/10.10 : My personal nightmare

Originally Posted by artem View Post
Just read this

It seems like meddling with initrd is not required for using Ubuntu supplied NVIDIA drivers.

Other then this for Ubuntu NVIDIA driver you should ask @
Not to sound like a pessimist, but don't you know I've read that page so many times I could recite it backwards in Greek (hey well, it gets the point out, if not entirely accurate XD) and followed the steps at least 4 times... Part of my problem is that jockey (or 'Additional/Hardware/Restricted Drivers) loads up with no drivers available, as so:

which leaves me with the package managers and apt, but the BinaryDriverHowto page doesn't tell which packages to install, specifically. So i pretty much guess and follow other tutorials (most of which can't seem to be newer than version 8.04 of ubuntu) and thus far no luck.
What is the list of packages needed for the drivers to work, and the proper state of my blacklist-misc, as well as some things that directly hinder them from working? (I know it's a lot to ask, don't take it as a command)

Thanks again,


P.S: I've never really gotten help fast on ubuntu forums, there's so many new threads being created/bumped in a minute that there's little chance mine gets noticed (just saying that from experience, i've got more than 500 posts there, quite a few of them bumps)
If I can't get it fixed here, or the issue turns out to be more ubuntu related, I'll go there, it's just that I never really like typing really long problem descriptions on multiple sites (I know, copy and paste, right? oh well, maybe I'm just lazy)
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