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Default Ubuntu 10.10 Freeze at Splash screen - After installing NVIDIA 260.19.12

Ok.... now i resolved the graphics driver issue i.e. installing the 260.19.12 drivers and also the monitor part by doing a fresh manual install. the steps can be found at link

Now i am facing another problem... the system does boot up... the display comes via the connected monitor... and my xorg.conf file does show the two 260M cards in the laptop... however, it does hang up in the splash screen... all i am seeing is the purple Ubuntu 10.10 screen and it hangs up right there.... i did a CTRL ALT F1 thru F6 but that doesnt work... no response is registered... however when i press the power button, there is a proper shutdown and i dont have to hard reset...

Does anyone know how to resolve this ?

Any help is appreciated... I am using a different laptop now... I will get on my linux laptop later and post the xorg.conf file for reference.



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