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Default No cursor on 2 of 3 cloned Xinerama screens. Centos 5.3 Driver 256.53


I'm trying to setup 3 cloned outputs from 2 Quadro 1500 cards on a 64 bit machine running CentOS 5.3 (RHEL 5.3). I have each monitor as a separate X screen and have Xinerama enabled.

Using nvidia settings I can drag the 3 screens to be positioned next to each other and all works as expected - i.e. I get a long desktop spanning all 3 monitors. However if I place the screens on top of each other to clone them, I then lose the mouse pointer on 2. Windows and apps appear cloned fine on all 3 screens, it's just the pointer missing on 2.

At one point when just dragging a window I found somehow the pointer had jumped onto another screen, but then was missing on the remaining 2.

I've tried using the software pointer (setting this option for each screen in the xorg.conf but no joy.)

Would anyone have any ideas, I really need the mouse pointer on all 3!

xorg.conf and bug report attached.

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