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Originally Posted by crainger View Post
OMG At least play Uncharted 2! Resistence 1 and 2 are K. Killzone 2 is fun. Play those.

I had Castlevania in my cart last night when i ordered Enslaved, Fallout Vegas and just as it happens, Dante's Inferno was on sale so I grabbed it also. I took Castlevania out though. Gonna save it for laters, besides it was 60USD, no way I'm paying that much.
I just finished Enslaved last night and for the PS3 version that I played, I would say it is horrible. How anyone gave this game a good rating above a 6 is a mystery. People didn't like the fixed camera angles on Castlevania, but Enslaved has some of the worst camera angles when fighting. The fight system is not very good at all and the texture pop up on the PS3 version (can't speak about the 360 version) is horrible and the type of Unreal Engine 3 like problems that plagued the ME on the XB360. It's also buggy, every now and then it would stop letting me switch the staff plasma/stun setting, and no way to get it to work again other than quitting the game and restarting. That is a big deal when it's essential to use stun to get by shielded enemies on some levels and if you didn't hit a checkpoint, you'll be redoing stuff unnecessarily. I was pretty disappointed in the game especially since I thought, even though short, Heavenly Sword was pretty good game by Ninja Theory.

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