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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Kinda like the 9800GTX vs 8800GTX. Less power, price, almost as much performance. On the up side, the 9800GTX was the fastest single chip card offered for that gen, this time, we have 6900 series to properly improve on last gen in performance as well. Should be good, can't wait for next month.
Yes, except this time it looks like the HD6870 isn't an inferior card. The 9800GTX was weak in memory bandwidth, so in higher resolutions the 8800GTX had a sizable lead.

Can't wait to see the prices on these cards though, should be a great purchase for anyone looking for a mid range upgrade.

Can anyone find any info on multimonitor support? Curious if these cards are able to do 3+ monitors without the active DP splitter.
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