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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

Not too shabby overall to be honest,as only a heavily overclocked GTX460 card,like the FTW edition from EVGA,can keep up and sometimes beat a stock clocked HD6870,but those FTW edtitons are more expensive too.

How would an overclocked HD6870 perform though,at which point even the GTX460 FTW,being already highly overclocked as it is,probably couldn't keep up anymore....In any case,it's impressive performance for the money paid.....Crossfire performance is also noteworthy in that is was scaling better than with HD5870 cards in several games.

Now it makes me wonder for the big boys,the Cayman and the antilles releases in a few weeks from now,but if bart's improvement over juniper(The HD5700 series),is anything to go by,cayman's performance should easily beat an HD5870 or a GTX480,while the dual cayman GPU card(antilles),should be in it's own market,with no competition at all for the fastest single card on the market period,regardless if it's a dual GPU card.

Money is ready for a pair of antilles cards,again,in quad crossfire madness,and i will order as soon as they're released...There's 3 displays to feed afterall...
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