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Default GTX460 crashes/hangs Xorg

I got ASUS ENGTX460 a couple of weeks ago and having a stability problem with it on Linux

Xorg segfaults (typical nvidia-bug-report.log.gz attached) or just hangs with 100% CPU load, either way monitor goes "no signal" and system stops responding to keyboard input. I can access system via ssh, but killing/restarting xorg doesnt restore control from console/monitor output. This may happen like 1 hour after boot or 20 hours after boot by itself, but using ctrl-alt-Fx is almost guaranteeing immediate crash. Exact messages in logs varies from crash to crash, but there is always "NVRM: os_pci_init_handle: invalid context!" some time before the crash/hang. I tried every driver from 256.44 onward, the only differences is that with 256.xx it mostly hangs and with 260.xx its mostly segfaults. Problem is 100% within linux gtx460 driver, because swapping gtx460 for my old gt9600 cures all problems, and i can play games in windows on gtx460 without problems too.
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