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Default Re: HDMI and ALSA with GTS 450

Originally Posted by NinjaNumberNine View Post
mainly for the purpose of bumping your thread (I've heard of this issue in several threads here and otherwise, but I don't think I could be of any help myself as I'm no hardware geek) is this your problem?

The mplayer developers have put the message in the code because buggy/broken audio was one of the common re-occurring cause of playback problems.

i only see performance problem when attempting to play audio via the HDA nvidia HDMI audio device.


there is no performance problems if :
- if i disable sound when i play a movie:
"mplayer -ao null movie.mkv"

- if i play sound via one of the motherboards HDA intel audio devices

anyway i created issue# 0005171 in the alsa bug tracker:
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