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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

It looks like AMD has done a lot to sort out CF performance which is a good thing. I'll be interested to hear end user impressions of these cards as some reviewers are not to be trusted after the nonsense that went on when Fermi was released.

I'm cautiously optimistic, but no matter what, I will probably wait for Sandy Bridge E and 28nm GPU parts before doing a full upgrade. SLI'd GTX 480/980x is more than enough for any game out there for the moment.

The 6970 is rumoured to run hot with a high tdp, putting it on the same footing as the 480 and (logical conclusion), the 580. I'm guessing the 6990 (dual GPU part) will be two 6870 GPUs. If that's the case then AMD could potentially pull off a two GPU card that is on par, and in some cases, faster than SLI'd 470s for ~$400-500.00 (depends on RAM config).

It's possible that we will see two 6970 GPUs on the 6990 but this might be difficult for the same reason we still haven't seen a two GPU Nvidia card. It won't matter much as it's likely the 6970 (and therefore, multiples of) will take the lead as the fastest single (and multi) GPU (pending the outcome of GTX 580 launch).
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