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Default Re: US Alexa Traffic ratings for NV News and other hardware sites

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
This kinda goes back to something we talked about in months past, that NV News has been a bit more of a hangout than a hardware site in some ways. And while that's all well and good, as a happy community is a good one, the fact remains that this site is currently paid for out of MikeC's pocket, and it doesn't look like our review partners do too much in the way of using our site for ads, as we seem to have quite a few non-hardware related ads here.

I would like to announce to the community that I am currently in the process of re-establishing a review partnership with MSI, and am also reaching out to Sapphire, as well as other hardware companies. As some of you might know, we've done a lot of MSI reviews over the years, but a little over a year ago that stopped. I'm reintroducing MSI to NV News, and at this point their video card and motherboard people are excited about the prospect of having us evaluate and publish articles on their hardware.

Overall, I'm doing all I can to help drive new traffic here... I'm hoping that the news items I post on the front page (and by proxy in the News Headlines section) incite discussion as well as brings visitors to here (as some of the stuff I'm posting is a little on the exclusive side) ... and I'm also looking into establishing an NV News Facebook page and possibly other beneficial social networking capabilities, as well as the possibility of doing some video reviews.

For what it's worth, Mike has not had much time for some NV News things, and I have stepped in to help keep things rolling. We appreciate any suggestions, as what really keeps this place afloat is the good people (and the seething pit called the P&R forum )

This is a great community with a great history, and great connections. Here's to a prosperous future.
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