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Default Re: Official Fallout: New Vegas Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by JohnEJohn View Post
I have just finished the tutorial and following some barmaid around killing things....

Someone please tell me that the game gets better very soon?

I know this is still part of the tutorial but so far everything seems so sterile.

Oh and the game runs like ****e, is uninspiring, no humanity to the characters (yet) oh and looks like a dog has ate a kids colour palete and threw up on some rocks

Maybe thats a little critical...
It gets sick. The side quests really have great character and there are surprises everywhere. Yes there is great stuff just around off the beaten path. A little bit like morrowind in that way. The colors really pick up, and they've added an interesting filter system the to game.

Give it a chance.

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
It's like eating an elephant. One teaspoon at a time.
Yeah it really is. Not quiet up to morrowind depth but better than fallout 3 without the dlc.
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