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Angry Is every laptop with optimus unusable?

I'm a longtime nvidia-on-linux user, going on about 10 years now. Imagine my dismay when I hear about this Optimus disaster, just when I'm trying to buy a new laptop. Tell me if this is the correct bottom line:

On any laptop that has an Nvidia card with Optimus, Linux will be unable to use the Nvidia card and will only have access to the integrated intel graphics.

and therefore:

Since optimus is now so widespread that manufacturers may not always advertise it as a feature, the only safe choice for a Linux user is to avoid Nvidia on laptops completely.

please tell me it's not that black and white, it's too depressing. My only option seems to be to pay an extra $1000 premium for a Macbook Pro which has switchable graphics but at least in a way where Linux can use the nvidia.
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