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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

6850 has the best price/performance ratio ever:

Just put a little overclock on it and allow amd to optimize a lill further and it'll perform between 5870 and 480 in most games

That's perfect for a 170 dollar card imo.. Then when 6970 comes it will smoke the 480 lol, I would imagine a scenario when pairing up a 6970 for 350 dollar together with a 150 dollar 6850 and getting better performance than GTX 480 SLI

Aah, i see it now A setup for about 500$ that will outperform a setup with nvidia for a price of 1000$ lol...-

LOL! i can even imagine a scenario purchasing 3x 6850's and getting better performance than GTX 480 SLI for a price of $450, just about as much as the 480 cost at the moment. So when things are said and done, nvidia bites the dust. Let's see what kind of a joke the nv 5xx series is they so freely annouced in the middle of the heat to be launched at the end of this year.
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