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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

This is the card i am waiting on.

Radeon HD 6970 (Cayman XT) 3DMark Vantage test results floating around in the X12000, but P mode is P24499. 在Unigine Heaven (1920 1200 4AA+16AF)环境设置下运行速度为36.6帧。 In Unigine Heaven (1920 1200 4AA +16 AF) environmental setting speed was 36.6 frames.

HD 5870 3DMark Vantage获得P19337的成绩,在Unigine Heaven (1920 1200 4AA+16AF)运行帧数为17.3 。 HD 5870 3DMark Vantage P19337 results obtained in Unigine Heaven (1920 1200 4AA +16 AF) running 17.3 frames. 同平台下GTX 480 3DMark Vantage获得P21106和X9309的成绩,在Unigine Heaven (1920 1600 4AA+16AF)速度为29.5。 The same platform GTX 480 3DMark Vantage P21106 and X9309 results obtained in Unigine Heaven (1920 1600 4AA +16 AF) speed is 29.5.

毫无疑问Radeon HD 6970(Cayman XT)将会是单卡之王 ,在相同状况下超出GTX 480性能10%以上,从测试中来说具备压制性的实力。 There is no doubt Radeon HD 6970 (Cayman XT) will be the king of a single card in the same circumstances beyond the GTX 480 performance above 10%, from tests run with oppressive power.

不过这张卡依旧是内部样卡,板型类似5870,核心频率在800MHz-900MHz范围内,供电接口为6 +8,相信TDP应该 在255W或者以上。 However, the card is still within the sample card, similar to plate 5870, the core at 800MHz-900MHz frequency range, power supply interface is 6 +8, I believe should be 255W TDP or more
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