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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
Soet, why have you turned into the AMD version of Rollo?

Buy the card you want, feel free to dispense information but please stop trolling with these posts and threads. It is becoming annoying for discerning buyers such as myself who love information but hate fanboi comments that provide no useful information.
What's your problem really? Am certainly not a fanboy, i myself own a GTX 295 which am happy with. I am nonpartial about this and want good for both nvidia and AMD, i am just glad that it goes better for AMD after the dominance nvidia has been having through the years from after the x800 series until the 5 series of radeon... It's better for us endusers with closer competition between nv and ati.

Am not turning into noone, and the things i post and say is not bull or troll. My statement on the nv 5xx series being a flop is based on how the fermi was, big, warm, big power consumption etc.. Sure the performance is good, but the card is also quite expensive, and mainly shine in dx11 games where lots of tessellation is used, other than that it's not much faster than the over 100 dollar cheaper 5870 which also is better on powerconsump and temperatures.

You say my information provide useless? What's useless about it? I post straight info based on reliable benchmarks and vivid speculations on the upcoming nvseries, ofc the 5xx series may be reeeal good but i have my doubts. Why such a sudden anoucement just 2 months left on this year? They said the 5 series will be out at the end of this year, presumable at the time of or after the launch of AMD's Cayman series.

ragejg@ sorry for the namecalling, it was unnecessary of me but that guy just built it up with the nonsense which he spat out again and again...
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