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Default Re: Official Fallout: New Vegas Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Finally installed and running the dx9 dll and 186.18 drivers. Running really well with 2x2 SS at 1980x1080.

Already checking out some of the mods at the Nexus. So many out already.
Jupp same here Runs great and 2x2 ssaa makes that little extra sharp, crisp and detailed Perfect smooth 3dobjects and vegetation on that doesn't harm either.

About weapons guys, i don't see what u all mean here. I found good weapons almost instantly, just travel along and you'll find.. Also found ppl selling exclusive weapon upgrade parts, upgraded my 357 with extended barrel and premium bulletchamber/drum with 50% less weapon degradtion. Those NCR bitc*es started mocking with me telling me that if i don't change to better status for the NCR within 3 days they will hunt me down. What i do? I killed em sons of biaches and got "hated" repotation hahaha Bring it on, i've got frags, i've got frags ^^ 357magnum "Boom headshot"

Btw, did anyoen find starcaps? I found 2 of em this far, a guy ran up to me after finding the first one telling me that if i found enough of these will unlock a secret treasure.. I want!

Sure the game is smaller than F3, about half size maybe? You can stand in the middle of the world and see the bright scrapes and tell structures of the "las vegas" inspired environment far away. Ofc requires you to have drawing/viewing distance and lods set to highest in advanced settings.

Oh and am lvl 7 btw and i already found Powerarmor from brotherhood, 2 dead bodies in a factory. But to wear it i need power armor training, does anyone know where to train that? Presumable by the are of the brotherhood of steel i might guess, where are they located?
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