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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

You gotta calm down dude. In the other thread I didn't see any reason for you flying off the handle like you did, Sazar has merit to what he is saying here. People for the most part are trying to have balanced discussion, if you make bold claims praising one company and dissing the other all the time for no real reason people are gonna get riled up. Please don't take me saying this as an attack, I'm just saying some of the things you say come across as bait and then when people take the bait you get all mega defensive.

As for 68xx. I'm liking them more than I thought I would. Tesselation performance is definitely a step in the right direction. NV have a huge edge in this area and it's unfortunately looking like they're encouraging devs to overdo tesselation to the extent where 75% of the triangles generated aren't even displayed. This not only shows AMD in a much worse light but also disadvantages GTX460/50 users who might not be able to use as high IQ settings because of this over done tesselation aimed at the GTX470/480. Anyhow, whinging aside, I hope Caymans tesselation performance is at least 75% that of GT100. NV do have the stronger implementation and while it's unfortunate they would promote inefficient use of the technique just to make their competitors look bad, AMD still need to catch up in this department. It's the main advantage NV have in my eyes.
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