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Default Two different cards in one machine -> need two different drivers!


there are two vga cards in my machine: a "FX 5500" (AGP) and a "GeForce 8400 GS" (PCIe). Both cards are needed because it is a "MultiSeat" machine. (Meaning: two persons can use the machine at the same time.)

Until recently I used the driver 173.14.28 for both of those cards. This works in most of the cases but now I am trying to run a game that crashes and gives me errors concerning GLX when I use the driver 173 for the 8400GS. Only when I use the recent driver 260.19.12 the game starts. So, when I want to play this game, I have to start the machine on text mode, compile the 260 driver and start one X-Session to play. While I am playing, no one else can use the machine, because only the 8400GS card is active. After I finished playing, I have to switch to text mode again and re-compile the 173 driver again to make the other seat functional again.

Is there any way I can make both drivers working at the same time? For example by putting the binaries in different directories and telling xorg where to find the right driver for the right card?

The funny thing is: on I am told that the driver 260 still supports the FX 5500. So why does it tell me otherwise when I compile it?
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