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Default Re: Two different cards in one machine -> need two different drivers!

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Multiseat is not supported, and neither is having two different versions of the driver installed simultaneously.
I just read the help page: what about the command line options "--x-module-path", "--x-library-path", "--opengl-prefix" and "--opengl-libdir"? Can these be used to install the second driver in a different place and can xorg be told to use the unusual place to load its files? At least these option pretty much sound like they were made for this purpose.

Excuse me asking the same question twice, but why is the "FX 5500" still listed among the supported devices for the driver 260.19.12 when it say otherwise as soon as you start compiling?

Could this driver be patched in a way that it will support the FX5500 after all?
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