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Default Re: Two different cards in one machine -> need two different drivers!

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post

The challenging solution would be to use Xen: the host (dom0) passes
the PCI or PCIe card to the guest (domU) where you can run a separate
OS instance with a different GPU kernel driver module:
On the one hand you're right: that would be the most sophisticated way. But on the other hand I think it would also be a little bit of overkill. Letting two people use one PC at the same time doesn't really require running two instances of Linux. Remember: Linux/Unix is a Multi-User-System from the day of its birth!

The simple solution for your problem would be to purchase another 8400GS
Yes, I thought about that myself. The only problem is that the 8000 series is not available as AGP, is it?
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