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Default Re: Why does it take 6 steps to get nvidia + compiz running smooth, fast, not torn ?

Well, I wake up this thread, one more year later :-)
It seems the situation still remained more or less the same.

Also, it got worse recently in Ubuntu 10.10 or maybe even 10.04 (in fullscreen openGL games, even with all those steps performed, I get a little tearing at the top of the screen, always at the top, which didn't occur before).

Well, that means 95% of Nvidia+Compiz users get some tearing. How can we help improve the situation ? Really, I don't understand why this problem seems (just my feeling) completely overlooked. I know it's probably a combination of Xorg issues, drivers issues, compiz issues, distros issues... The fact that other drivers (non nvidia) are not that good and thus that correct defaults cannot be set for everyone.... But the result is here : getting a smooth & not torn display needs some serious tweaking that the average user is incapable of, which gives a poor image of the Linux ecosystem in general.

Edit : still : I don't want to blame anyone, I'm very grateful of what you Nvidia developers do, your drivers are really good.
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