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Default Re: [260.19.12 regression] Clock changes don't work

I know it's not a BIOS problem, it is an issue that has to be fixed in the drivers. All I'm saying is that flashing higher clock speeds to your card's BIOS is a way to always have your card running at the speeds you desire, just like you would overclock your card via driver software. It's just more permanent and imo easier to maintain.

Flashing really isn't that hard and I understand it's a risk I'm taking (concerning warranty etc) but I think it's someting to consider doing if higher clock speeds than default are important to you.

You say you know how to handle the devs, well I wish you good luck. I've been around for some time too and my experience tells me that sometimes they can simply ignore you to death. But bump all you want and I hope they will at least fix the regression.
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