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Originally Posted by Lyme View Post
Always buy big ticket items with a credit card. If you buy it and it's broken, call them and tell them that if they don't replace it for a new working one you will call your credit card company and dispute the charge.
Visa, Mastercard, and Amex all have coverage for stores pulling **** like that.
Yes, I always use a credit card, mainly to rack up some miles/points. I've found that disputing charges with Visa is a complicated process but not so much with Amex.
Normally, Visa will not remove the charge right away, so you still have to pay it when due. After a long and painful process, and if all good, they will credit back the charge. I try to use Amex, as they have an automatic warranty extension (double the manufacturer warranty) and the charge dispute process is fairly easy.

I'm very pleased with the VT25 PQ after being calibrated to the recommended D-Nice settings.

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