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Default Re: VDPAU problem after upgrade to 260.19.04

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
OK, is there a way to enable/disable this OSD so that I can tell if that's the issue I'm seeing? How does this OSD get triggered (i.e. do I need to press a button, does it always happen at the start of playback, ...) Thanks.
In my case: when I start xine-ui, the first thing which should appear is the 'Xine' logo, but it is never displayed, xine just freezes before. So the result is just a black window. The xine menu (normally reachable by right mouse button) is not visible/accessible. Some control elements at the 'control' panel are not present (mainly 'VDR' button is missing).
The situation lasts forever, until xine is killed by SIGKILL. As far as I know, the 'Xine' logo is present always, if there is no direct request for playing of something specified on the command line.
I tried to play some DVD's by xine directly (xine dvd://xxxx), then logo it not displayed, but xine freezes again before first DVD menu/frame. When xine is started with 'xv' as output, then it works until vdpau is chosen and freezes immediately after selection of VDPAU from 'VO' menu.
But contrary to wantilles (below) experience, mplayer works properly even in VDPAU mode (mplayer version 1.0_rc4_p20101014).
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