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Default Re: Why does it take 6 steps to get nvidia + compiz running smooth, fast, not torn ?

Originally Posted by Dragoran View Post
You missed my point, I was not referring to compiz at all, but doing gl rendering without synchronization will pretty much always result in tearing, and playing a game with tearing (at least to me) isn't fun (I was just replying to the "vsync is BAD rant").
Sorry for the confusion--I meant that part to be a response to everyone else who's talking about the persistent tear in compiz. I certainly agree with you :-).

Originally Posted by Dragoran View Post
In practice I notice a significant increase in input lag. This has to do with the fact that OpenGL can claim "framebuffer complete" (i.e. not block when calling glFinish or a second "swapbuffers") and allow the program to keep going asynchronously for a whole additional frame with TripleBuffer enabled. The article doesn't seem to consider the fact that if the program is rendering a frame in advance then it's considering the input for that frame at that specific time, and when the frame finally displays, the response from the input would be considered "late". I assume they never actually did any testing or they might have noticed this, and the comments there certainly agree with that assumption.
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