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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
Get the Asus version of 68xx for the ability to increase voltage

Nah, the 6870 is already as fast or faster than 5870 in most games. 6950 and 70 will be much faster than both the 5870 and gtx 480.
Cherry picked benchmarks then.

From the evidence i've gathered, lots of it, the 5870 is a faster single gpu solution than the 6870 but the 6870 Crossfire leaps ahead plus has the option of the new MLAA.

Anyone who upgrades from a 5870 to a 6870 will be mighty gutted, it's a sidestep and not an upgrade in the slightest.

Dig around more, your see what I mean.

Now if you want to crossfire a pair of the 6870s, that's a whole different story. On a par with GTX 470 SLI and on many occasions bettering them with stock clocks. On alot of benchies they even top the 5970 which is quite incredible when you look at the cost. (Over here anyway.)
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