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Default Re: Is every laptop with optimus unusable?

Originally Posted by mlord View Post
How's battery life on the Linux desktop
Well, i don't use a full blown gnome/kde with all the daemons ect. All i have is a ubuntu minimal install with floxbox wm, chromium for browsing, xbmc as vdr streaming client (works great on this netbook with vdpau for h264 & mpg2) and some custom tweaks.

At "powersave mode" (lower cpu speed & customized fancontrol script) i get around 4 -4,5 hours.

Asus claims 10 hours for Win7 in powersave mode with intel gpu only (i can't confirm this though. never used the win7 install for longer than 5 min), so if this is true there is still loads of potential for optimization...

Also it might be worth having a look at meego (great netbook desktop) as soon as it supports nvidia binary drivers. I tested the opensuse spin-off "smeegol" which already supports them (=latest Opensuse with meego desktop) but power consumption is worse than my ubuntu install.

@ skullmunky: i prepared myself a live-usb stick with nvidia binary drivers already integrated and just tested at the store which model can use this combo out of the box. My tests showed that most of the Optimus laptops with "next-gen Ion" or "Ion2" worked. I took the 1015PN because the price is still reasonable (got it for 350€) and all hardware works out of the box. (except wlan which requires also a binary blob)
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