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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

From what i can see 6870 gets 1 fps less in Crysis warhead than 5870, 1 fps less in RE5, 2 fps less in Call of pripyat, but about 30 points more in Unigine benchmark. And remember this is on early drivers too, and the benchmark i got this from did not run the test on the newly released catalyst drivers from AMD so the difference could be better for sure, especially with future drivers which are even more optimized. Also if u OC the 6870 it'll be about 5% faster in most games (ofc u can also OC the 5870, but the thing is the 6870 can manage better than the 5870, especially with an OC!

Even an voltageclocked 6850 for 170 dollars can perform slightly faster than the original 6870 which means it would perform about exactly as the 5870 which cost about 330 dollar as cheapest, for about that price you could get DUAL 6850 if u find a good price, and prices also dropping fast now for the 68xx series. The 6 series is truly an epic release by AMD thanks to their aggressive price setting...
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