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Default Re: Black screen after installing 260.19.12 driver on 8400GS in kernel 2.6.35


Pls post the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file as well for others to take a look and help you out.

By looking at the report, i guess the display modes for your monitor are wrong and that is why you are not able to see the display.

Try rebooting in recovery mode and try doing the following.

You can try running nvidia-xsettings. If it is not already available in the System -> Admin menu, try creating a shortcut on desktop and add this in the command line "gksu /usr/bin/nvidia-settings" (without quotes).

After updating the resolution, write to X configuration file and then restart the system.

I am also an amateur like you trying to fix my system. Hope these steps solve your problem. If not, there are other ppl in here who would be willing to help.

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