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Default Re: nvidia drivers and ubuntu 10.10

So, I had to go to windows to use quicken (won't get into that) and when I rebooted back to ubuntu I had one screen. I then thought I would go to the system----preferences---monitors to see if I could see what was going on. I then got a pop up saying this was not an option or something with the current driver, would I like to use the correct one. (I don't remember the correct verbage) and I say Yes. Then it does some flickering and color changes and then I get two monitors. I still can't use the visual effects etc... but I have two screens in twinview.

After a reboot it's back to the one screen etc... back to the same.

I did run /proc/driver/nvidia/version and it stated I have 260.19.06 installed.

I'm thinking the installation didn't work. Since with the restricted driver utility I should have installed the .12 version. I wonder if I need to uninstall the nouveau and nv drivers and do a manual install of the latest nvidia driver?

How do I tell with the command line what driver is really being used.
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