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Default Resolutions above 8192x8192 spanning multiple cards

I Currently am running:

3840x2400, 2560x1600, 1600x1200

in a Left -> right tripple monitor setup which is a virtual desktop of 8000x2400 resolution. I want to change this to be:

3840x2400, 2560x1600, 3840x2400

Which means I will have a virtual desktop of 10240x2400. I was wondering if the 8192x8192 resolution limit will hit me or not? Is the 8192x8192 limit a per card limit?

I am currently running 3840x2400 all off one vid card and the 2560x1600 + 1600x1200 off another card. When I replace the 1600x1200 with 3840x2400 it will be 2560x1600 + 3840x2400 on its own card. Will I be ok since the 10240 pixels will be spanning multiple video cards or will this not make a difference?

I haven't been able to test this yet as I am waiting on getting another DVI detective. My gtx 260 worked with my vp2290b without a dvi detective but it looks like the gtx 460's are similar to my 8800 gtx and needs a dvi-detective. I will have the DVI detective and be able to test on Tuesday night.
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