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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

I was planning on picking up a 6850 in a few weeks to replace my 5770... but seeing the GTX460 1GB available for roughly the same price, give or take a little, and with nVidia's GTX500 series due out soon... I may just hold off for a bit.

I can feel this 5770 hitting its limit, and as of late I've really been feeling drawn back into gaming. I want a card that is light on power usage and heat output, but packs a mean performance punch for the dollars paid. Right now both the GTX460 1GB and the 6850 offer this. But will nVidia replace the 460 with a 560? With the 6850 drop in price even more with the release of the GTX500 series?

Too many variables and with the budget I'm on I have to make sure every purchase counts. Selling my 5770 will help pay for the new card, yes, but it wont entirely cover the cost.

So I think I'm just gonna' sit and wait. Maybe closer to Christmas time I'll be able to make a decision. Prices and availability should have evened out by then, and with the holidays I'm sure there's gonna' be some pretty good deals available.

This 5770 may be near it's performance limit already, but it'll last me that long.
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