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Default Crashes now?

OK this is getting old.

I have an NVIDIA GeForce 2 Mx 200 and am using the 3123 drivers.

Since I switched to the nvidia drivers form the 'nv' driver, my system crashes all the time. Just locks up hard, seemingly unprovoked. I might be using the card to play a game or something, or I might not even be using the computer, I just come back to find it borked.

By lock up i mean the display freezes in place, no error message (which I find quite odd), no response to keystrokes (can't even ctrl-alt-backspace or toggle numlock) and any running program is crashed. I can't kill the X server, I can't switch to a different virtual terminal, I have to manually restart. I've seen errors and segfaults and such before, but it never just seized up and held fast until I switched over to the nvidia 3123 drivers.

I initially chalked this up to overheating, as it used to happen when I played Black and White and Battle for Dune on the same card on XP.

But it has happened when I'm not even playing a game, just sitting on an X server. I've looked at the card, nothing seems damaged, none of the capacitors are burnt out, the GPU doesn't have a fan or heatsink, but that is how the OEM packaged it. The GPU does seem quite hot, but I'm not sure how hot they are supposed to be. I've tried pointing a big fan at it and not playing 3d games but it still crashes on me.

Does anyone know of any lockup issues with the 3123 drivers? I'd just like to rule that out first.

Beyond that, is there any way to test the card in situ? Like a diagnostic routine or something? Does the description of the crash seem consistant with a video card problem?
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