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Default Word from Nvidia on HDMI audio disabling?

Several people have had a problem similar to mine (documented here) in which analog audio is ignored by a TV because it's getting an empty audio signal over the HDMI connection (DVI adapter or no) that serves the TV video: example A, example B.

There are two workarounds for this problem that are tedious, risky and only comprehensible to very advanced users: 1) disable EDID from conf and provide a custom modeline that tells the TV how to display properly, and 2) hex-edit an extracted EDID to disable the TV's understanding of an HDMI audio signal.

This problem affects Windows users as well, and Nvidia support issued a fix in the form of the Vista-specific "DLP hotfix" utility.

It has been brought up before, but I'm wondering if Nvidia ever intends to provide some user-visible, preferably user-friendly way of disabling the HDMI audio output of its video cards. One of the folks in that thread I linked emailed, but I'm assuming nothing was done about it, because that was two years ago and there have been several major driver releases since then. Aside from my specific problem, there are several legitimate reasons a user would want to do this.

When I bought my card (a Gigabyte GT 240), the HDMI audio wasn't even mentioned anywhere on the box or in the manual. It was only when I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10, and a new version of ALSA / Nvidia drivers caused the audio device to start half-working, that I started to have this problem. One concern is that less experienced users (the kind Ubuntu seems to be reaching out to) or Windows switchers will assume this convoluted situation is a Linux/Ubuntu problem, when in fact it's a TV (Samsung in my case, and they've repeatedly told people to consult their video card maker) problem and an Nvidia problem.

I realize the Nvidia Linux drivers don't touch sound at all, but it's still their hardware / software, so it would be nice to hear if they are aware of the problem and if so what they intend to do about it.

I'm happy to provide more info if needed. Thanks!
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