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Default Re: Resolutions above 8192x8192 spanning multiple cards

Originally Posted by Xevious View Post
Will I be ok since the 10240 pixels will be spanning multiple video cards or will this not make a difference?

A couple bits of information:

* Once apon a time I had a triple head setup running from two 7800GTX cards.
The 3x1600x1200=4800x1200 setup exceeded the 3D limit of 4096x4096 given
for the 7000 series card. However, 2D ran fine up the 4800 pixels.

* I once configured my six head setup (normally 2x3x1680x1050) for 6x1680x1050
=10080x1050. Again, 2D just worked fine on the whole desktop, but 3D was
limited to 8192 pixel.

* The X-Plane 24 LCD ATI eyefinity demo runs at 4x6x1920x1200=11520x4800.

Means: the X-Server can handle arbitrary resolutions, but 3D is limited by the
GPU driver.

So as long as you intend to primarily use 2D on your pretty uniqe setup, it
should work fine. However, AFAIR you are using XGL for compiz in your
current setup, so you will for sure run into problems with the 3D limit.

There might be a solution using DMX (distributed multihead X): define
a "base" X server with seperate screens (so each of those screens clearly
stay in the 8192x8192 3D limit). Then Use DMX to combine those separate
screens. However, DMX requires Xinerama to do so (= no compiz). Now
put GLX on top of it (= overcome the Xinerama issues as discussed in the
other thread). I'm not sure if this a good solution for a production system,
but it for sure would be a lot of fun to try out if this actually works :-)


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