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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I wouldn't say it's too slow for me... just that I can tell I'm near it's limits. Plays Crysis on Very High @ 1920 x 1200, no AA though. Pleased with it for now, I just know that I'll likely feel held back by it in the near future.

So yeah, ultimately I'm really torn on the GTX460 or 6850. Think I'm just gonna' hold out till Christmas time. Should be some good deals then, and the market should have stabilized regarding pricing and availability. Might be able to grab a 6850 with a nice rebate or such. If not, yes... the GTX460 is where I'll be going.
Redeemed: I really don't think it's a very good idea going from a 5770 to a 460 or 6850.

Why? Because they're in the same performance category.

HD 4870, 4890, 5770, 5830, 6850, GTX 460 192 and 256 bit perform similarly if you group together all games results...

So I'd really shoot for the HD 5850/6870/GTX 470 performance category if I were you, otherwise you really won't notice that much of an overall improvement..

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