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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

It seems that you don't understand it.

Intel crappy chip is here. It is inside i3/i5/i7 core whatever you want it or not. And you can't power it down.
Producents have 3 choises:
1) left users with crapy Intel chips;
2) add 2nd gfx card and run it in parallel to crap thus doubling power output even during web browsing;
3) add 2nd gfx card and enable it only when it's needed.

point 1) is used at low level machines
point 2) was used at the beginning
point 3) have 2 variations:
- manual
- automatic

nVidia did automatic in Optimus and we have no choice then. Either we buy Optimus laptops, use crap instead proper gfx card and have power consumption sky rockets or... buy laptops with Ati

That is decission which nVidia did for as, dumb Linux users with "no Optimus for Linux" policy.

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