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Default Re: Word from Nvidia on HDMI audio disabling?

I don't see how this is an Nvidia problem. If your tv maker didn't consider these situations, or it wasn't cost-effective to implement, or lack of demand then I guess more research should have been put into finding a tv that suits your needs.

Also, I don't see any real problem with disabling EDID in xorg.conf. I know several linux (htpc) newbies who have managed to come up with working modelines for their tv/monitors so to say doing this is "tedious, risky and only comprehensible to very advanced users" simply isn't true. From what I've seen, most average users seem to get it figured out just fine.

In all honesty I can't imagine it's more then a small handful of people wanting HDMI video coupled with analog audio in the first place.

Have you tried routing your analog output through the Nvidia audio device? Do you actually _need_ analog audio for some (outdated) reason?
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