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Default Re: Internet Explorer 9 tops first HTML5 conformance test

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
thats where i stopped, you can't say that browser is bad because customers are stupid enough to break it.

number one issue when it comes to computers are the users. and IE being the default on PC it always gets hit the hardest with all the **** that customers installs.
If FF or Chrome were default on the OS - would they have the same issues? Doubtful.

Also, Safari doesn't have this issue at all - if they are online, it works. Granted, we don't get as many Mac calls for connectivity as we do with pc's, but the percentage difference is just way too high.

I'd say somewhere between 70% of problems that narrow down to software only goes straight to IE alone. The rest are generally security software or other software related (OS/drivers/etc) problems.

I take about 70-80 calls a day for HSI - take away the password resets, email issues, web-site navigation (ISP site), routers/modems, bad IP's (169,, etc.), account suspensions, AUP violations, configuring email clients, connection settings, and your left with resetting IE which is what fixes the problem 90% of the time - its sad.

Most of us techies who know our way around the OS know what to avoid and how to fix problems, so its a non-issue in our eyes, and the only semantics we have with browsers are compatibility, standards-conformance, and performance. The problem is the MS should understand that most of their IE userbase are complete idiots when its comes to technology, and put the safeguards where necessary. But they dont.

Same thing where I work. I keep 2-3 IE windows open at any given time. 1 is dedicated to a single app, and the other 2 are for various resources that we use throughout the day.

On a good day, IE will only crash 2 or 3 times. Some sites will mysteriously stop loading. If I just close that tab and reopen, no deal. I have kill all the open windows, and reopen everything just to get that one page to load again.

Recently, I changed things a bit. I decided to download a portable version of Chrome. So I now load everything in there, Chrome never crashes and those problems I had with those same sites, do not exist in Chrome. Now I only use IE for 1 thing, and that is for the program that requires IE - and it still manages to freeze up randomly several times a day.

All in all, it least they are making strides to make IE more standards conformant, no complaints there. Hardware acceleration, great! Now all they need to do is make a rock solid browser, less clunky, and an actual configurable interface!

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Originally Posted by MowTin View Post's so clear how government makes things worse not better...
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