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Default Re: Internet Explorer 9 tops first HTML5 conformance test

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Took them 15 years to do it though to make IE use web standards and only because other web browsers are eating into it's share like crazy. IE will keep losing share because it's not a crossplaform browser, which helps as other platforms get more popular.
They don't really need to make Internet Explorer go the cross-platform way, why should they? To face Apple? Linux? Android?? I'm a natural supporter for UNIX/Linux but even myself have to admit the limits of its adoption, take aside the other platforms...

We won't be seeing smartphones taking away what belongs to the desktop realm... for now, at least. Apple? They have some nice products, although more in the 'niche' class and about Linux... you know every year is the 'year of the Linux desktop' with a plethora of improvements like refined, improved and more functional versions of (for example) xserver, compiz, GNOME, KDE, SDL, Cairo, Wine, etc, etc. And, of course, Firefox/XULRunner, WebKit.

Even if Microsoft decided to make a Linux version of it, it would face the same fate that NEROLinux faced in its day... Sad (or not) but true.

So... nah (but it's my opinion, of course, just that) :P
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