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Default No hdmi video on Asus AT3N7A-I with versions newer than 195.36.31

Hello all,

Sorry if this has already been addressed, but I searched the forums and the web and didn’t find anything.

My system/configuration:
Asus AT3N7A-I
hdmi video out to Samsung HL-S6187 DLP
optical audio out to Yamaha RX-V995
Mythbuntu 10.04 x86_64 using mythbuntu-repos Auto Builds for 0.23.1

Everything has worked perfectly since I bought the motherboard (Feb 2010) up to, and including, the NVIDIA driver version 195.36.31. However, with every version I have tried since 195.36.31, including the latest 260.19.12 version, the hdmi video absolutely refuses to work once the NVIDIA driver kicks in. I get normal video output with the Grub boot loader and the Mythbuntu splash screen, but as soon as the NVIDIA logo flashes, the screen goes blank and I get the “Weak or no signal” message.

The system is still alive. I can ssh into it, stop the gdm service (yes, the installer says gdm is still active), revert to 195.36.31 and everything works like it should again.

After a little more sleuthing on 260.19.12, I found that if I connect a VGA cable between the motherboard and the TV, the video is actually coming through on the VGA port. I can then use nvidia-settings to reconfigure the xscreens, save to xorg.conf (overwriting, never merging) and restart gdm, but the same exact thing happens...the NVIDIA logo flashes on the hdmi output and the screen goes blank with the “Weak or no signal” message.

A copy of the bug report log is attached.

Thanks in advance for your help,
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