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Default Re: Internet Explorer 9 tops first HTML5 conformance test

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Microsoft need to make a crossplatform browser at some point and it shouldn't be IE because it's share is going down very quickly. Multiplatform is where it's at and they cannot rely on their monopoly for much longer.

I'm not sure why you're going on about Linux because it's irrelevant here, probably because you've got too defensive.
No, no, I'm sorry if my post sounded a bit on the defensive side, maybe I should have explained myself better... let's try again haha :P

What I mean is, they don't really need it... I mean... why? You say they share is going down very quickly but that's because the other browser/engines are already there for some time getting that share.

Of course, IE9 being released doesn't mean Microsoft is gonna re-gain that share in a matter of couple of days... Could they re-gain it? Of course... Will they? Only time will tell (my guess is more like 'not fully' but close).

My comment about Linux was kind of incomplete and redundant at the same time... what I meant was... not any Linux user will (probably) want IE, same goes for Apple users, and about smartphone users, if it's on a Windows Mobile-based phone, I guess they get some form of an embedded IE, if it's Android... don't know what runs on it, WebKit maybe? (I can't really imagine something like XULRunner/Firefox running on it, would be strange, although I guess not completely impossible).

So, all in all... they don't really need to take any cross-platform step, Microsoft is not interested in practically anything outside the PC world and about other OSes... nah, it's not
gonna happen.

Anyway... why do you think they need to go cross-platform? What would be the benefit for them? (maybe I'm skipping something so I'm curious) :P
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