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Default Re: Internet Explorer 9 tops first HTML5 conformance test

Originally Posted by Sean_W
The reason why they need a crossplatform browser is because web application are becoming more the thing to use.
You say that like it wasn't capable of running web applications... and that's not true (unless we're talking about different contexts), from Google Apps to specific web applications like Pixlr (image editing), spreadsheets, project planners, things like that... I mean, I see your point (or at least I think I see it) but I don't see any showstopper for IE in this sense.

If you're talking about being part of the 'mobile' office many companies want to promote in the near future, ok... but Internet Explorer is not designed with the business model in mind, not in THAT sense, at least... looks more like being designed as a browser & media & social (as in social networking, social interaction, community events and so on...) experience (hence some concepts like the hardware acceleration, the focus on HTML5, and some other things).

At least... I think it's more like that, so as I told you... I don't think they need to comply with that.
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